About Us

Your Personal Recruiter and Headhunter

There are dozens of crew placement agencies around the world so why Ahoy?

At Ahoy Crew, we pride ourselves on being a trusted and reputable agency in the maritime industry.

We see our core strengths in bespoke, tailored approach to recruiting, headhunting and placement on behalf of our clients.

Our extensive database of contacts and industry connections is our competitive advantage allowing us to connect the right person with the right superyacht.

Once Ahoy, always Ahoy!

Our Team

Tatiana K. Lüders

Managing Director

E-mail: tk@ahoycrew.com
Tel: +49 17667267031

Maya Vinograd

Managing Director

E-mail: mv@ahoycrew.com
Tel: +34 655 927 783

Let’s get started. Call us on +34 655927783 or email us.